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Experience team and unconventional approach help us bring revolution into your business.

01 service white Web applications

We create Cloud-native web applications. Due to our well-established skillset and processes, we know how to fit large data sets into scalable platforms with a user-friendly interface. We have vast experience building various systems, from simple prototypes to complex platforms. Whether you need something quick or are looking into long term investment, we know how you help.

02 service white ML & Business Data

Almost every company in the world collect somehow business-critical data. It can be anything from a standard registry to precious and sensitive information about your clients or business operations. Our team will unravel for you knowledge hidden in only growing data lakes. We can develop, grow and mature ML and DL models explicitly crafted to your needs.

03 service white Comprehensive integrations

In the age of IoTs and rapid digitalisation, amount of tools that require bespoke integrations is growing every day. We know how to plan, design and implement complex integrations to bring structured and organised communication into your ecosystem. You don’t need to worry about whether you need ELT systems or a few bespoke integrations. We’ll help you make the best decision.

04 service white DevOps

Whether you need auto-scalable cloud solutions or bespoke stand-alone configurations, we have the skills and tools to set it up for you. Moreover, we can help you recruit the DevOps team necessary to manage and maintain your infrastructure.

05 service white Design

You have a great idea, but you’re not quite sure how would it work. Share it with us. Our experienced business analysts, together with our User Experience and User Interface specialists, will transform it into a working solution. They will help you visualise and iron out your ideas before the start of actual development to ensure the successful delivery of your product.

06 service white Product management

Our „Project Ninjas” look after smooth communication with delivery teams. They build strong relations with your experts and end-users, ensuring they get the system they need. You don’t need to worry about the specifics of development management and planning. Instead, concentrate on your vision and the shaping of your dream product. Our Ninjas will do the rest.

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